If you are a collector of things from the Van Zant family, then you might like to have something hand made by Aunt Jane Van Zant.

Jane Van Zant and her brother Jimmie.

Please help Jimmie Vanzant and keep him and his wife Zee and the Van Zant family in your prayers.

Recently Jimmie was diagnosed with liver cancer and his doctors at Vanderbilt Medical Center have told him he will need a life-saving liver transplant very soon. However, transplantation is enormously expensive. According to Transplant Living the total cost of a liver transplant including the pre-transplant expenses, procurement of the organ, hospital admission, doctor’s fees, post-transplant care, and anti-rejection medications for his lifetime is more than $575,000.

As musicians both Jimmie and Zohra are self-employed. Due to his poor health Jimmie has been forced to stop performing while Zohra has become his full-time caregiver leaving them without an income. Unfortunately, he has no medical insurance and won’t be eligible for the Affordable Care Act until January 1, 2015. However, Jimmie’s doctors have recommended that he begin the evaluation and screening for a possible donor now.

In order to ease the financial burden, a fundraising campaign in Jimmie’s honor has been established with Go Fund me.

For credit card contributions, please go to the link below and click the Donate Now button.

Your support is crucial! Please believe Jimmie when he sings that he does not want to live an unfinished life. Please help Jimmie continue his journey.

Jimmie Van Zant
Click here or on photo to Visit Jimmie’s page at Gofundme.com

Any and ALL help no matter how small, will be very much appreciated!

Lacy VanZant's Book Autographed by Johnny and Donnie VanZant
Lacy VanZant’s Book Autographed by Johnny and Donnie VanZant

For sale: a copy of Lacy VanZant’s book, Autographed by Johnny and Donnie VanZant. All Proceeds go toward helping jimmie VanZant get a liver transplant.

Autographed by Outlaws and Marshall Tucker Band
Autographed by Outlaws and Marshall Tucker Band



To place an order or to inquire about availability of any items you see on this site, Please call Jane Van Zant at: 904-583-0301.

Or contact Stan Williams at: Stan@Vanzants.net or 615-249-8034 Please leave a message if there happens to be no answer.


Jane is affectionately known as Aunt Jane by her family, friends and the people who know her.    She prefers to be addressed as “Aunt Jane”.

I have heard it said that the Van Zant family is the royalty of Southern Rock.

And with Good reason  beginning with Ronnie Van Zant , songwriter, lead vocalist and founder of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, to his Brothers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant, 38 Special and The Johnny Van Zant Band

Public Domain photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Johnny-van-zant.jpg
Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
and since 1987 after the surviving band members re-formed for a reunion tour that is still going,Ronnie Van Zant’s younger brother Johnny has been lead vocalist for the Lynyrd Skynyrd band.

(Brickyard road)   And Donnie  and Johnny form the core of the country  group, The Van Zants, The Van Zants – Country Duo



Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special


And then there’s Jane’s brother Jimmie Van Zant!

Jimmie who’s new album is burning up the charts, see his video Feels like Freedom on his CMT channel. Jimmie Van Zant on CMT

Jimmie Van Zant’s Fan club on Facebook ran by Darcy Schindler and Karen Weber. Jimmie Van Zant’s Fan club on Facebook.

Then there’s Jane Van Zant ,   the Queen  of Southern Rock.

Jane Van Zant and Billy Powell
Jane Van Zant and Billy Powell

Jane represents the  the Van Zant family and  takes time to interact with the fans.

Someone has to since most all of the rest of the family are touring , being stars and super  stars they do not have nearly enough time to  interact with their fans as much as they would like. But if you ever chance to meet them you will see that they are just as down to earth  and honest, good people as Jane herself.

Jane is the nicest and most down to earth person you could ever meet and  I don’t think that there is   anyone   who could  do a better job of representing the Van Zant family, the Royal family of Southern Rock.

Jane also makes and sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry, and other items such as Van Zant Tee Shirts  (available soon).

Jane and her brother Jimmie Van Zant
Jane and her brother Jimmie Van Zant


Thanks for visiting  Vanzants.net and please take time to peruse the site and  if you see any of Jane’s  creations that you would like to have, feel free to give her a call and see what is available! you can reach Jane at 904-583-0301.

Please  check back often as new content will be added soon.
I will ad prices for  Jane’s jewelery and apparel and other available items soon.

Jane Van Zant and Rickey Medlocke
Jane Van Zant and Rickey Medlocke


Jane Van Zant and Stan Williams
Jane Van Zant and Stan Williams



Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1973
Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1973





Some photos of Aunt Jane’s handmade jewelry:

A hemp Bracelet that Jane made for Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd band
A hemp Bracelet that Jane made for Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd band


Tee Shirts are Here! see Tee Shirt page here. .


Van Zant Can of Whoop Ass Tee Shirts!
Van Zant Can of Whoop Ass Tee Shirts !

To place an order or to inquire about availability of any items you see on this site, Please call Jane Van Zant at: 904-583-0301.

Thanks for visiting and check back often!




  1. Vanessa Hart says:

    Love all of you !!! My friends , kids , & I would like to believe we’re the # 1 fans but we know everyone loves all of you . I’m wanting to check out this jewelry Aunt Jane . Looks cool & I love jewelry ! PLZ give the guys hugs from my family !!! We love you !!!

  2. Cathy Alligood says:

    I have several pieces of Aunt Jane’s jewelry. I can tell you it holds up very well, I am rough on my stuff! Also, I have had a lot of complements on it. So give her a call and let her hook you up with some hand made FanZant jewelry!!!! Love you to pieces Aunt Jane…. Cat

    • stan says:

      Thanks Pete! Aunt Jane has some more left, and at different times she has Picks from different people, you can ask her if you call 904 583 0301. The clear Fanzant® picks are handmade by a fellow who makes them for lots of famous people I think like Van Halen and I forget who all she said, but they are supposed to be really good. I haven’t tried one of those yet. I may get me one of those to see how they sound and play! Jane said the Fanzant® picks (the clear ones) all have a tiny hole at the back pre-punched, (for jewlery) The man who makes them did them that way for her, none of the other picks do though. I may try one of those myself! I was thinking that the little hole might improve the grip.

  3. Penny says:

    Hello…I have been talking with Aunt Jane and wanted to see some of her jewelry. She said it was on this sight. I can’t seem to see it. Can I see pics anywhere else. Would love to order some :)

    • stan says:

      Thanks Penny!
      I can’t understand why.
      Your comment just gave me the idea to make a page Just for photos. So I just did.
      I am getting ready to implement a whole new mobile site here, I have the design almost ready it should be ready to go live soon!
      Addendum, Friday September 27th 8:30 AM
      The mobile site is live and online!

  4. Marci says:

    God Bless you Aunt Jane:

    When I stumbled upon your website, I started to cry because I have never been this close to something I have loved for so many years. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Knowing that you are an Aunt just ran chills down my spine. You must be so proud of all of them and their band members. I would give anything to meet them. Every time they get close to my home I try to win tickets to meet them back stage. I never win them. And I wish I could afford the ones to buy to get back stage. There is no other band that deserves the recognition, deserves the greatness, deserves the honor, deserves the respect as LS does. There is so much I would love to talk with you about, all the years of loved them and how many times I have seen them. Raising my son to love Southern Rock and started him out at a LS concert when he was 9 and what Johnny said to him when he saw him. How Gary smiled at me, Ricky through my son his pick. How we wrote to Gary when he was so ill with his heart years ago. How I cried so hard when Billy died, the best piano man in my eyes. But I don’t want to keep you too long. I would love to order a bracelet with Freebird on it if they aren’t too much. Please tell LS that Marci in Erie PA has loved them for years and would hope to meet them someday as I have always. God Bless Aunt Jane. Hope to become friends. Thank you. Marci

  5. Sean Van Zant says:

    Hey Aunt Jane!

    Love your jewerly, and as as Web Developer student & intern, I like your website! I miss talking to you and emailing you!

    I am still pretty busy and haven’t got too many chances to do any geneological research on the Van Zant family tree because I am working two jobs and going to school full-time.

    Love always,

  6. kelly moore says:

    love your site, and your jewelry is beautiful. would love the freebird hemp bracelet. i will call next wk to place order, just gotta get it together what i want, first. ha. thanks. this is a great website. god bless.

  7. steve cook says:

    Hey Aunt Jane
    I love your website I want to buy someting from you I just about died this past March my gall bladder was full of stones and when they took it out I had alot of poision and a couple more stones in my bile duct and the poision went through my liver — – – – for 2 months I was in the hospital over here and just about died so I was rushed to down town baptist in Jax saw a young guy that was kin to you & Ronnie he grand daddy was in the next room and he played some songs for me he was only 16 and I sung a few songs with him I will call you sometime and we can catch up on alot of things
    take care
    with Love
    Steve !!

  8. Suzanne Cannoe Morrison says:

    I Love this stuff,Hey Aunt Jane,,!! Cool jewelry ,, You have always been there for us , now ,we can help spread the word for Your site too !!! Love always ,Your Frynd Suzanne !! <3

  9. Stacey and Brett says:

    Hi Aunt Jane, Love your website. We are looking forward to the Van Zant Whoop Ass Can tee shirt. Great marketing idea. We love and miss you , all the concerts and Jacksonville. Love and many Blessings, Stacey and Brett

  10. Beth Schneider says:

    I am so happy to connect with you aunt jane and I would love to place an order with you—-will call soon-


    • stan says:

      What a coincidence! I love your jewelry creations, you have some beautiful stuff! I will put a link to your shop on here on the links page,

  11. All Van Zandts regardless of spelling,,,,, are Cousins. I know this by having belonged to the Van Zandt society who have members from the south north Texas etc many with different spellings. My parents visited the town in Holland where the family name originated.

  12. Lisa Benson Burns Kelley says:

    Prayers for Jimmie. Aunt Jane I will be calling you soon. I did get my hope live love T with unfinished Life and Jimmies name I wear it as a night shirt hope I will be donating as much as I can . I know that God is going to answer our prayers for Jimmie. I’ have and am keeping the faith. Love y’all God Bless!!

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